Help Your Kids To Re-Empower, Boost Self-Esteem, and Have the Advantages to Thrive In Life!

Gift your kids with re-empowerment and powerful skills to overcome todays challenges and thrive for life!

The "Superhero Self-Esteem Program for Families" will give you the perfect resources to build your whole family´s self-esteem with proven tools and skills that kids and parents will learn to use for a lifetime.

As you guide your kids through our superhero conversations, interactive family games, and introspective coloring activities, their self-esteem AND yours will grow to unseen heights!

This is a gift that your little one will never unlearn!

What's Inside the Superhero Self-Esteem Program for Families?

Secret #1: Reconnect With Your Inner Power

This is the first step to start thinking like a superhero! Once you and your kids acknowledge that all of your powers come from within, you are ready to expand your mind and heart to grow into your best version! You and your kids will learn the Superhero Secret of being conscious of your inner power. Through our Superhero Talks, which are playful, guided conversations, everyone will reach their own understanding of their inner power and awaken their consciousness!

Secret #2: Re-Empower Yourself 

Repeat empowering words & thoughts is key for resetting your subconscious mind! You and your kids will learn the Superhero Secret of using new, empowering vocabulary to reframe negative ideas and thoughts as positive ones. Through our POWords poster with selected empowering vocabulary, and engaging in introspective activities, everyone will be grounded and anchored to their personal inner power!

Secret #3: Shift to Positive Self-Talk

Choosing positive thoughts is one of the most powerful and re-empowering practices anyone can develop! You and your kids will learn the Superhero Secret of incorporating positive affirmations into your self-talk (the way we speak to ourselves in our minds). Through movement games full of opportunities to choose empowering thoughts and positive affirmation audios, everyone will develop, practice, and internalize a new way of speaking to themselves. 

Secret #4: Balance Mind & Body 

Breathing to regain control of our emotions is a powerful skill we all need to thrive. Imagine everyone at home learning to breathe as a way to calm down...while discovering that breathing & relaxing is fun and empowering! Through our short, guided meditations with positive affirmations and visualizations, your entire family will practice breathing to feel self-love, worthiness, and knowing they are enough just as they are.

Secret #5: Repeat & Expand to SOAR like a Superhero! 

It's time to practice using ALL of the Superhero Secret Powers over and over again! Repetition and practice is key for internalizing new knowledge and developing lifelong habits. Throughout the Program, we will make self-esteem a lifestyle and integrate positive habits through repetition and the use of multiple intelligences (the same information delivered in different ways so that everybody learns). Making the entire journey easy & fun!

Every Superhero Session is broken down into easy-to-follow tutorials that clearly explain each of the powerful tools you're using, how to teach it to kids, and how to apply it to your own life. But we go even further in making this growth process easy! We provide step-by-step instructions for every conversation, game, and activity so you and your kids can focus on having fun playing together. This way, everyone will learn these powerful tools without realizing it!

Kim Knuppenburg


“After one of our Superhero Talks, the boys were putting their shoes on and I heard one saying, “I am confident, I am brave, I am daring” under his breath. He didn’t even realize he was repeating positive affirmations!"

Lauren Polzin


“I love the encouragement that the program gives. It encourages you to change the mood of the classroom and calm your bodies, minds, and breathing. I just love that intimate feeling of being a family and spending that quiet time together."


1st Grade Student

“I love the Superhero Programs! It's so much fun to play with my friends and say nice things to each other. I really liked when we walked down the runway and my friends told me I was loved, confident, and awesome. I felt really good."

Bonus ONE:


Originally designed exclusively for New Programs, but now... all of our updated goodies are being added to YOUR program! You will have access to updated FUNtivities, Conversations, and Audios as soon as they are developed! Now, you don't have to buy a new program; instead, you'll have regular access to brand-new tools to make self-esteem a lifestyle!

Bonus TWO:


Our Superhero Missions Programs is now included in your purchase so you can play with the whole family! Practice all of the Superhero Secrets through this interactive set of missions to be conquered every day! As your family takes on these missions, you'll all enjoy making empowering self-talk, breathing and relaxing, and learning to choose positive thoughts a part of your everyday lives!

Bonus THREE:


12 Personal Growth Activities for Adults PLUS Training Videos! Throughout the Program, you will have your own training to upgrade your mindset and learn powerful techniques to connect better with your kids! This training includes activities to practice the tools and skills you're teaching the kids in your own life so that you too can boost your self-esteem, grow your strength and confidence, and be the superhero your kids love.  

What You'll Receive When You Get The Superhero Self-Esteem Program for Families Today

  Introduction: How to Get the Most Out of This Program
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: Reconnect
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Re-Empower
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Shift
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Balance
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: Practice
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6: Soar
Available in days
days after you enroll

Join the "Superhero Self-Esteem Program” and hold the key to your success with building self-esteem & resilience in your whole family, right now!

This group is a safe space for us to motivate one another and share fun, engaging ideas to make self-love a lifestyle for us AND our students!

Follow for fun classroom ideas, empowering activities, and tons of inspiration to help you bring self-love into the classroom and make it a lifestyle!