Empowered Parents & Superhero Talk #1

Empowered Parents: What it Means to Have a Healthy Self-Esteem

This 4-minute video below explores what self-esteem is and the factors that impact our self-esteem. Then, it will guide you through a powerful activity to help you empower your self-esteem, inner strength, and confidence. Get your journal ready for this empowering reflection!

After you enjoy your bit of me-time, you'll be ready to prepare your first Superhero Talk (found below)!

Superhero Talk

In this group conversation, kids will discover that just like superheroes, they too have an inner power and connect to it with their minds. Read through the questions and follow-up support for today's Superhero Talk before sitting down with your little superheroes. Then, you can either print and cut along the dotted lines to have flashcards, or, have the questions open on your tablet...whatever works best for you! When you're ready to start, invite everyone to take off their shoes, sit on the floor, and get ready to have a fun talk about superheroes!

Session 1_Superhero Talk 1.pdf

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